Prof. Leo - Extensive use of videolaparoscopy technologies in Endometrial Cancer: NBI and Surgery in 4K with Icg Lymph-Node Mapping with 3d vaginal cuff suture

Prof. Livio Leo, Director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hospital Beauregard –AUSL Vallé d’Aosté Italy presents a case of endometrial cancer usefully diagnosed with NBI and treated in laparoscopy with sentinel lymph-node mapping with indocianine green fluorescent die. Particularly when combined with high image quality and contrast in full HD or ultra high definition (4K), NBI can provide a more-detailed and higher-contrasted visualization of blood vessels than in white light, usefully expecially in endometrial hyperplasia. The vantages and the high versatility of a completely full high advanced video imaging system are visualized in the video.


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