Prof. Dionigi - MET CHANNEL FOR ENDOCRINE SURGERY Streaming Course

The course will be a unique opportunity to share practices and exchange experience, providing participants with valuable knowledge on new techniques and technologys as energy based devices, neural monitoring, transoral thyroidectomy, new accessories and 4K monitors. AGENDA 7.30 Welcome (G. Navarra) 7.40 Case report introduction (G. Dionigi) 8.00 Surgery. Transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach TOETVA from A to Z (G. Dionigi) 11.00 Lecture. Why neural monitoring? (P. Carcofaro) 11.30 Case report introduction (G. Dionigi) 11.45 Surgery. Open thyroidectomy with Thunderbeat (G. Dionigi) 13.30 Lecture. MIVAT is here to stay (G. Materazzi)


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