MAESTRO PORTAL - PROCEDURE - Flexible Ureteroscopy and Laser Lithotripsy of Lower Pole Stones

After performing flexible cystoscopy the surgeon accesses the renal system with a flexible ureteroscope. The stones are relocated using a stone basket to ensure safe laser lithotripsy in the upper pole. Stone treatment is performed with a Holmium:YAG laser. Residual fragments are removed using a 6-wire nitinol basket.

1 - Flexible cystoscopy and placement of guidewire
10 - Stone dusting using a holmium laser
11 - Stone fragmentation using a holmium laser
12 - Stone retrieval with nitinol basket
13 - Removal of access sheath and ureter inspection
2 - Retrograde pyelography using a dual lumen catheter
3 - Access sheath preparation
4 - Emptying the bladder
5 - Access Sheath placement under fluoroscopy
6 - Introduction of the flexible ureteroscope and ...
7 - Evaluation of collecting system and debris
8 - Collection of urine sample
9 - Stone relocation from lower to upper pole