MAESTRO PORTAL - PROCEDURE - Flexible Ureteroscopy and Laser Dusting of 8 mm Kidney Stone

The kidney is reached using a ureteral access sheath to provide continuous access to the collecting system as several scope passages are expected. The stone is treated with the dusting technique, leaving only very small particles behind. These are naturally evacuated by the patient. Bigger fragments are retrieved with a stone basket.

1 - Irrigation system preparation
10 - Stone dust
11 - Evaluation of pyelocalyceal system and ureter
12 - Placement of JJ stent
2 - Removal of JJ stent
3 - Placement of guidewire
4 - Evaluation of the ureter
5 - Emptying the bladder
6 - Placement of ureteral access sheath
7 - Introduction of flexible ureteroscope
8 - Stone dusting with a holmium laser
9 - Removal of stone fragments