MAESTRO PORTAL - PROCEDURE - Flexible Ureteroscopy and Laser Lithotripsy of an Obstructing Stone

After placing a guidewire the flexible ureteroscope is backloaded on the wire. The surgery is performed without a ureteral access sheath. After stone fragmentation residual fragments are retrieved from the ureter using stone baskets, and a stent is put in place to ensure sufficient drainage.

1 - Cystoscopy and Stent Removal
10 - Placement of JJ stent
2 - Placement of guidewire
3 - Safety wire placement and retrograde ...
4 - Positioning of the flexible ureteroscope
5 - Laser Lithotripsy of the impacted stone
6 - Removal flexible ureteroscope
7 - Evaluation of fragment size and laser lithotripsy
8 - Inspection of pylocalyceal system
9 - Stone removal by tipless nitinol basket