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Prof. Aldrighetti - Start up of MILS & low complexity procedures [Round Table]

Laparoscopic liver surgery has evolved and improved dramatically in recent years: indeed, indications to surgery for primary and secondary tumors of the liver have been widened, so that minimally invasive technique has entered the clinical practice of centers performing hepatobiliary surgery. A good profile of safety has been achieved thanks to innovation in both surgical techniques and anesthesiological management, leading to acceptable morbidity and mortality rate in expert hands and becoming a highly specialized branch, requiring specific and dedicated knowledge. Technical and cultural education/training of general surgeons does not generally allow to acquire the appropriate knowledge to provide the patient with liver cancer an adequate standard of care. Furthermore, since the term “liver resection” includes a wide spectrum of procedures and the range of technical difficulty among them is even more consistent, a stepwise broadening of procedures to be performed, deemed by increasing technical challenges, is strongly recommended. These roundtables will provide a specific insight in the process of implementation of a program of laparoscopic liver surgery, with a specific focus – for each level of technical expertise – on characteristics of patients to be enrolled, instruments, technical skills and procedures. The rationale is to progressively improve the expertise in MILS while maintaining the target of safety and oncological adequacy of procedures.

14.30 Introduction of the topic and round table
15.30 Video session


Marc Besselink (The Netherlands)
Umberto Cillo (PD, Italy)
Bjorn Edwin (Norway)
Alessandro Ferrero (TO, Italy)